Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum Majorana) 10ml

The essential oil comes from the fresh flowering tops and dried leaves of the marjoram plant. It has an herbaceous, sweet, woody and camphorous aroma similar to cardamom and nutmeg.


  • In ancient Egypt, Marjoram was known as “the plant of Osiris.” It was an ingredient in ointments and was used for religious fumigations. It lends its name to the Sicilian city of Marjora and is featured in the city’s coat of arms. Marjoram was, in fact, one of the most popular herbs during the Middle Ages, a symbol of joy and prized for its fragrance. The ladies of medieval times used it to form fragrant bouquets and perfume their baths with this sweet smelling herb.
    It has many properties including analgesic, anti spasmodic and antiseptic. Our Sweet Marjoram oil was selected for its warm, spicy notes. It comes from a well known Sweet Marjoram producer in Egypt who has a high reputation for producing excellent quality oil.

  • Emotional benefits:

    • Up Lifting – Creating a feeling of freshness, joy and energy
    • Anti-depressant and stimulant

    Physical benefits:

    • Anti-biotic and Disinfectant – Reduces germs, virus and Fungi
    • Relaxant and Sedative – Sooth nerves, tension, anxiety and stress
    • Digestive – Reduces constipation
    • Skin conditions - Psoriasis. Improves skin tone. Good for oily skin.
    • Helps heal cold sores
  • Massage oils. Bathing. Diffuser. Compress


  • Lavender/other citrus oils/Frankincense/Rose

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