Sleep - Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

This signature blend has been created by our aromatherapy experts. Using our in-depth expertise in essential oils we've created this unique blend to help you get a better night's sleep. This blend is perfect for your diffuser or to mix with a carrier oil for massage.

  • We've created this blend to help you drift off and get a better, more refreshing night's sleep. Contains our lovely English Lavender oil for its sedating and calming effects, Ho Wood for its deeply grounding and relaxing properties as well as Petitgrain and Sweet Grapefruit. A real must for anyone who suffers from disturbed sleep. 

  • Diffuser - add 4 drops to the water chamber.
    Massage - mix 4 drops with 10ml carrier oil.
    Bathing - run 4 drops under running water and swirl around. 
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