Balance - Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

This signature blend of potent essential oils is designed to help support hormonal and emotional turbulence. This blend is perfect for your diffuser or to mix with a carrier oil for massage.

  • We've created this blend to help you navigate times of emotional and hormonal upheaval such as Menopause, PMT, Adolescence or any other time you feel a bit upside down. Containing balancing Rose Geranium, grounding Cedarwood and Juniper, with an uplifting shot of Spearmint, Lime and Grapefruit, this wonderful blend is for anyone going through any kind of turmoil.

  • Diffuser - add 4 drops to the water chamber.
    Massage - mix 4 drops with 10ml carrier oil.
    Bathing - run 4 drops under running water and swirl around. 
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