Relax - Pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

This signature blend has been created by our in-house aromatherapy expert. Using all our expertise we've created a unique blend to help reduce stress and anxiety and to help you relax. This blend is perfect for your diffuser or to mix with a carrier oil for massage.

  • We've created this blend specifically to calm frazzled nerves and combat mental stress. When you're feeling overwhelmed or burnt out take some time out for yourself and diffuse the relaxing aromatics into your room. Contains precious oils of Rose and Jasmine, known for their restorative qualities, grounding and calming Cedarwood, Ho Wood and Ylang Ylang  plus wonderful citrus oils of Petitgrain, Lime and Sweet Orange.

  • Diffuser - add 4 drops to the water chamber.
    Massage - mix 4 drops with 10ml carrier oil.
    Bathing - run 4 drops under running water and swirl around. 
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