Mandarin Essential Oil (Citrus reticulate) 10ml

Mandarin Essential Oil comes from the small citrus fruit which was native to China before being cultivated in Italy, now the biggest producer of this lovely, refreshing and uplifting oil.


  • Mandarins have a special place in Chinese history and were given as a gift to Chinese officials known as the Mandarins.
    The essential oil comes from compression of the peel of the mandarin fruit and is a very uplifting and fragrant oil. We source our oil from a small, family owned producer in Italy. We believe that Italian citrus oils are the best in the world due to soil and climate conditions. Our Mandarin oil has a rich, deep aroma and is therapeutically one of the best available.


  • Emotional benefits:

    • Gently relaxing and uplifting to the mind.
    • Lovely for restless children at night time.

    Physical benefits:

    • Circulation – Improves blood and lymph flow to rejuvenate skin and boost immunity
    • Toning to skin - helps stretch marks and cellulite
    • Detoxifying – Helps remove toxins from the body
    • Hepatic – Helps liver function
    • Nervous relaxant – Relaxes and calms nervous attacks
    • Antiseptic – Protects and heals wounds
    • Anti spasmodic – Good for breathing troubles
    • Good for use with children
  • Massage oil, Diffuser, Bathing.

  • Lemon//Clary Sage/Lavender/Frankincense/Neroli


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