Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia) 10ml

Lavender oil is an essential all-rounder in the world of essential oils. It's multi-purpose and therapeutically effective for many conditions both physical and emotional. 

    • Lavender has been used therapeutically for over 2500 years. In Roman times Lavender was a prized commodity, used to scent baths and as a disinfectant and deodorant and also to ward off disease. Throughout history Lavender has been used for its sensual fresh fragrance and therapeutic benefits.
      Many aromatherapists claim that there is no health condition for which lavender would not provide some relief—it helps relaxation, sleep, muscle aches, acne, psoriasis, depression, poorly healing wounds and inflammatory conditions.
      Our English Lavender oil is the highest quality. The crop is grown locally to Naturally Creative in Kent by a co-operative of growers we know well. The oil is distilled on site so we can visit and watch the harvest taking place.

    • Emotional benefits:

        • Deeply soothing and calming
        • Eases stress and anxiety
        • Relaxing, even for children

      Physical benefits

        • Helps to protect against diabetes
        • Improve brain function
        • Help to heal burns and wounds
        • Improves sleep and helps insomnia
        • Antioxidant - good for combating skin ageing
        • Relieves pain
        • Helps reduce headaches
    • Massage oil when mixed with carrier oil, Diffuser, Bathing

    • Peppermint/Marjoram/Tea Tree/Mandarin/Rose

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