Fragonia Essential Oil (Agonis Fragrans) 10ml

Fragonia is a rare Australian bush oil and is often referred to as “coarse Tea Tree”. It’s an exciting new essential oil from Western Australia and has many of the properties of Tea Tree Essential oil but a softer aroma.


  • Fragonia Essential Oil has an aroma reminiscent of the Australian Bush. This very special essential oil has the ability to work at a deep level releasing blockages and bringing harmony, peace and balance at an emotional, physical and spiritual level. It is also thought to be able to regulate the body’s natural healing abilities and help with acne breakouts – more powerful than Tea Tree oil.

  • Emotional benefits:

    • Anti-depressant and stimulant
    • Balances the emotions

    Physical benefits:

    • Expectorant – Decongestant, colds, flu and respiratory issues
    • Anti-septic – Prevent bacteria from entering wounds, allowing to heal, helps Acne
    • Anti-inflammatory – Reliever of joint, muscle and dental pain
    • Helps children with ADHD,
    • Insecticide
    • Body clock regulator - helps jet lag
  • Steam inhalation, massage, first aid, diffuser 

  • Citrus oils/other bush oils

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