English Seed Oil Blend Carrier Oil 250ml

Our English Seed Oil Blend is a balanced formulation of rich, highly anti-oxidant oils and is designed to provide excellent skin feel combined with wonderful moisturisation.


  • This unique blend uses NorOmega Gold™ Rapeseed as its base and is enriched with the more functional actives found in Blackcurrant, Starflower, Echium, and Crambe (Abyssinian oil). 

    NorOmega Gold™ a premium quality pressed and filtered oil, produced in the UK. It is rich in Oleic Acid and other important skin lipids and is readily absorbed with a very light skin feel, similar in many ways to oils such as Sweet Almond and Olive, which it can easily replace. It is also a superb massage medium with excellent slip and glide properties.


  • Use as a base oil for massage. Pour about 20ml into a glass dish and add your desired Naturally Creative Essential Oils as required using a pipette or dropper.


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