Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber Officianale) 10ml

Ginger essential oil is spicy, warm and woody. It works as an anti-inflammatory, laxative, digestive aid, tonic and stimulant.

  • Ginger oil comes from the ginger root which is widely used as a spice and as a tonic and flavouring. The active ingredients in Ginger essential oil have been found to be as effective in treating as many conditions as the ginger root itself. This is because it has a high level of over 100 active compounds especially Gingerol which is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Ginger oil can be used topically when mixed with a carrier and massaged onto the area concerned or neat in a diffuser.

  • Emotional benefits:

    • Warming and soothing 
    • Calms anxiety
    • Boosts confidence and courage

    Physical benefits:

    • Anti-oxidant  
    • Strengthens the heart
    • Digestive – helps ease nausea
    • Natural aphrodisiac
    • Helps heal infection
    • Aids respiratory issues
    • Reduces inflammation-good for joints
  • Massage oils and diffuser. 



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