Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Sclarea) 10ml

Clary Sage essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the sage leaves. It has a strong, green tobacco aroma. It is native to southern Europe and Russia where the best oil is produced.


  • The name Clary Sage comes from the Latin ‘Claris’ (Clear) and has been used in medicine since the Middle Ages.As the name suggests, Clary Sage oil was primarily used as a cleanser for the eyes. It was believed to brighten eyes, improve vision, and protect from loss of sight due to premature or normal ageing.

    Clary Sage essential oil has powerful anti-stress, relaxing and tension relief properties. It can help with sleep problems due to its sedative properties. It has also been used to ease female menstrual problems and hormone imbalances. This oil should not be used in pregnancy.


  • Emotional benefits:

    • Gently sedative it can relax and ease tension.
    • Eases restlessness and weariness of the mind.

    Physical benefits

    • Analgesic – Helps with toothache, headache, colds and fever
    • Anti spasmodic – Relieves spasms in the intestines or the limbs and relieves pulled muscles and cramps
    • Antiseptic – Protects and heals wounds
    • Antiviral – Helps cure infection from virus
    • Carminative – Helps with indigestion and excess flatulence
    • Cephalic – Keeps brain healthy and helps with dementia
    • Hypertensive – Helps to lower blood pressure
    • A natural sedative so good for sleep
  • Massage oil, Diffuser, Bathing.

  • Lavender


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