Aroma Diffuser - Delphi

The Delphi Ultrasonic Aroma-Diffuser is a simple and pleasing shape to suit any room. Diffusers are by far the best way to inhale essential oils to maximise their health benefits. This elegant diffuser will naturally scent your living space by dispersing the essential oils of your choice. 

  • The Delphi has a multi-change light setting which is very soothing but it can also be used without light if desired. The mist function can be used as a continuous or intermittent mist for stronger oils and blends.
    Specifications for Delphi Aroma Diffuser:
    Product Size: 100 x 140m
    Power: AC100-240V50/60HZ
    Weight: approx 200gm

  • By placing tap water and a few drops of your favourite essentials oil into the diffuser, it will, with the press of a button, instantly release a heatless, completely safe, fine mist of scented vapour into the atmosphere to stimulate your senses and enable you to sink into a relaxed world of healing and self-balance. This is believed to be the best way to diffuse any oils into the atmosphere, as without direct heat, essential oils are not degraded. 

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