The Beauty of Diffusers


Diffusers can be a great way to safely inhale Essential Oils. With a diffuser there is no need to use a candle in a burner where the oils can be burnt and become less effective. Diffusers are ultrasonic, so not a fire hazard. They will normally have a timer attached so they can be set up for sleep and will turn themselves off when required. Most have a colour option which can be selected if you like the relaxing effect of gentle colour changes.

How do they work? 
This type of diffuser has a water chamber with a small membrane that vibrates under the ultrasonic waves. This sends energy through the water which breaks up the molecules into fine vapour which is then released into the atmosphere along with the essential oils. This is great if you are using your oils for particular conditions or aliments. However a diffuser is also a great way to fragrance the home without exposure to harmful chemicals from synthetic fragrances or from scented candles.

Once you have filled your diffuser with water as directed, you can add as many drops of essential oils as you like. There are no restrictions on how much oil you can add but typically 6 drops gives a good strength.


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