Bathing and Showering


Bathing is a great way to use Essential Oils as they are not only absorbed into the skin but are inhaled in the steam from the bath water. Relaxing oils such as Lavender, Rose, Neroli and Jasmine make a wonderfully fragrant bath experience.
When suffering from aches and pains Black Pepper and Eucalyptus are fabulous and if you have a cold try Eucalyptus and Tea Tree to clear the head.

Use 6 drops of essential oils in the bath once it has been fully run. Agitate the oil in the water before jumping in. To add a moisturising element you can dilute the 6 drops of oil into 10ml of Carrier Oil such as Jojoba or Coconut.


Essential oils can be diluted with a carrier oil and applied to a cloth or sponge and massage in after a shower. Or to use with a shower gel base use the following guide.

No more than 3% should be added to base products.

Dilution @ 3%

5mls (tablespoon)

3 drops


6 drops


9 drops


12 drops


15 drops


18 drops


30 drops


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