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Essential Oils, along with wild herbs and plant  botanicals, are Nature's original healers. Not so long ago every town had an apothecary where remedies were mixed and ointments and unctions prepared. They were also places of diagnosis, relying on the wisdom of the proprietor to identify ailments and prescribe cures. These days of course, most of us visit the Doctor and get a prescription for whatever ails us.

As medicine progressed, it seemed there was no longer a place for the old remedies. However we just don't seem to be enjoying the level of health modern medicine promised. Many of us are worried that even common pharmaceuticals have so many side effects, they could actually be doing us more harm than good. Combine these with the toxins and chemicals we use in daily life and we are totally overloading our systems and suffering as a result.

We launched Naturally Creative to promote the power of essential oils as a natural alternative to chemically based health and wellness products. We are both cancer survivors and have experienced the debilitating side effects of chemo and anti-body treatments. This set us on a path to a gentler, more naturally way of living using essential oils and herbs to boost immunity and restore our health and wellness.

Whilst we would never suggest you don't seek medical attention when you become ill, we believe that essential oils can be used to support many more common ailments, both physical and emotional. 

We want to inspire you to join us in swapping chemicals for natural alternatives wherever possible. Our Wellness Blends are unique, with each oil selected for it's individual properties, expertly mixed to smell amazing and do you good.

Our essential oils and blends are all 100% natural and totally pure. Importantly we know their provenance. In fact, we know all our growers and producers most of which are small family farms. This gives us complete reliability of quality.

Our Wellness Blends, Therapeutic Body Oils and Bath Soaks have been developed using our extensive experience of working with essential oils within the health and wellness industry.

We believe in sustainability and so select recycled and recyclable packaging where ever possible.

Please let us know if you need any help in selecting oils, choosing products or using our website. 

stay well
Hilary and Jackie

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