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We are experts in essential oils and their many benefits for health, beauty and wellbeing.

Naturally Creative was launched to promote essential oils as a natural alternative to chemically based, artificially produced, health and wellness products.  Artificial fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemical ingredients can play havoc with health and cause everything from skin reactions to asthma and more serious conditions. It's our aim to offer safe, natural alternatives using the power of essential oils.


Our mission is to inspire and educate, through our experience and knowledge of essential oils to improve health and well-being, both emotionally and physically. We want to inspire you to join us in swapping chemicals for natural alternatives wherever possible.

Our essential oils and blends are all 100% natural and totally pure. Importantly we know their provenance. In fact, we know all our growers and producers most of which are small family farms. This gives us complete reliability of quality.

Our Wellness Blends, Therapeutic Body Oils and Bath Soaks have been developed using our extensive experience of working with essential oils within the health and wellness industry. We believe in sustainability and so select recycled and recyclable packaging where ever possible.

Based in the beautiful Hampshire countryside we create our blends and bottle them in small batches by hand. We have set ourselves apart by creating potent and high-quality products to give our customers natural alternatives to chemically-loaded everyday personal care, household and over the counter health and beauty products.

Please let us know if you need any help in selecting oils, choosing products or using our website. 

Hilary, Emma and Jackie

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