Using Essential Oils To Combat Anxiety

February 08, 2018

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 Using Essential Oils For Anxiety

In our constantly connected world anxiety is becoming more and more of a problem. Unable to switch off from social media feeds, on-line shopping and a myriad of blogs, features, and articles on top of the stresses and strains of normal life, our brains are overloaded and almost in meltdown. Our bodies are switched permanently in flight or fight mode with anxiety hormones rushing through our systems.

It’s become not just helpful to fully relax our minds but vitally important if we are to remain healthy and well, not only mentally but also physically.

Creating a calming environment to relax in is easy to do. Turn off all screens and monitors, get comfortable and make sure you are warm and cosy so that your body can relax easier. Plug in your diffuser and a few add drops of relaxing essential oils. Breath deeply and try to stay still and relaxed for 20 mins. Let your mind wander but push away any negative thoughts that crop up and focus on feelings that make you feel good and help you to stay relaxed.

Try the following oils for your diffuser.

English Lavender

Lavender is a calming and soothing oil. It aids relaxation and promotes regulation of the nervous system. This oil is great for anxiety, depression, irritability and stress.


Another essential oil that’s soothing and calming. It helps reduce fretfulness, irritability and emotional disturbance. It’s also good for insomnia and can be useful to calm the nerves whenever you feel stressed.

Sweet Marjoram

This oil has a warming action and helps to sedate the nervous system. Very useful for anxiety and stress, anger, loneliness and grief. Marjoram is also useful for migraine and headaches which can be caused by anxiety.


Bergamot is great for balancing the nervous system and for reducing tension, mood swings and anxiety. It’s generally an uplifting oil that’s refreshing and a good nerve tonic.

 All four of these oils can be used together or on their own to help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.

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