Rosalina, The Essential Oil to Boost Immunity

February 20, 2019

Rosalina, The Essential Oil to Boost Immunity

 Rosalina (Melaleuca Ericifolia) is a wonderfully useful alternative to Tea Tree oil with many of the same anti-bac and anti-fungal benefits. Like Tea Tree it can be used for so many common concerns from acne and athlete's foot to head lice and dandruff and it supports our immune system. Rosalina has a sweet floral smell with the gentle medicinal undertone of its more famous cousin. 

For those who aren't familiar with  Rosalina Essential Oil, it's grown in Western Australia where it's often known as ‘ Lavender Tea Tree’. This rare oil is part of the Melaleuca family, the most well-known member being the famous Tea Tree. 

 Although Rosalina has a floral profile it has all the therapeutic power of Tea Tree Oil. It is recognised worldwide as an antiseptic, antimicrobial and fungicide. Its major constituent, linalool, is responsible for many of its therapeutic properties and it’s known to have good antiseptic, and anticonvulsant properties as well. 

Rosalina’s sweet floral notes are calming and relaxing making it ideal for sleep and stress disorders. Other therapeutic uses draw on its medicinal heritage as part of the Melaleuca family. It is an excellent oil for upper respiratory tract congestion and infection, particularly in small children. It is also a gentle expectorant and immune support. As it is readily absorbed through the skin and nasal mucosa and is ideal to use in steam inhalation or by adding a few drops on a handkerchief.

Topically, it may be useful for acne and boils. For direct use on the skin it should always be diluted with a carrier such as Sweet Almond oil or used in a balm.

Rosalina can be used to replace Tea Tree for those who prefer a softer aroma with a less anti-sceptic smell. Try some of these blends using Rosalina to boost immunity and ease congestion.

Immune support
3 drops Rosalina
3 drops Lemon
3 drops Lavender

Use undiluted in a diffuser during the day or for massage diluted into a carrier oil (2 drops of each in a tablespoon of carrier).

Decongestant Chest Rub  
4 drops Rosalina
10ml carrier oil

Rub on the upper chest to help ease congested breathing.

3 drops Rosalina
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Tea Tree

Mix 2 drops of the blend into a tablespoon of carrier oil and apply directly to the affected area. 

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