Essential Oils For Menopause

March 28, 2019

Essential Oils For Menopause

Blending Essential Oils For Menopause   

Approaching menopause can be confusing as women experience physically and emotionally distressing symptoms such as mood swings, hot flushes and sleepless nights. The menopause is a perfectly natural phase of a woman's life and signifies a change in hormone balance. In fact previous generations referred to this time as 'the change' in a rather guarded way as if it were a subject to be hidden. Fortunately it is yet another taboo subject involving women's hormone health which is more widely acknowledged and openly discussed in recent years

Essential oils can be enormously helpful in supporting our hormone balance at this challenging time of life. At Naturally Creative we have formulated our Balance blend of eight pure essential oils which can be used in a concentrated form in a diffuser, in the bath or mixed with a carrier oil such as our wonderful English Seed Oil for use as a body massage oil.

The oils we've selected for this blend are phyto-estrogen oils since many of the changes associated with menopause are due to declining estrogen levels. These oils are believed to balance hormones and improve a range of symptoms to help women cope better during this stage of their lives.

Within the Balance blend are a complex mix of light citrus oils to help improve mood, Rose Geranium oil, which is the perfect essential oil to balance hormones plus Cedarwood and Juniper Berry to centre the body and mind. This unique blend took many hours of research and testing but I am proud of the result and the wonderful response we've had to it. 

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