Chamomile. Keeping Us Calm, Helping Us Sleep

June 17, 2020

chamomile essential oil

To soothe you off to sleep, to quiet a racing mind or to calm anxiety Chamomile is our go-to oil. For a few years now it's been in short supply as some harvests had failed but now it's back and thank goodness, as it's such a super-star.

It's often surprising to see how blue Roman Chamomile essential oil is considering it comes from such a dainty white flower, however it usually fades down to a more yellow colour when you've kept it for a while. It's pretty colour however is the least of it's amazing characteristics. Of course Chamomile is well known as a soporific, calming bed-time drink and anyone who struggles with insomnia will benefit from a soothing cup-full before they go to bed. It calms and cools acting as an effective relaxant and the oil is highly effective when inhaled from a diffuser or mixed with a carrier to use on the skin as a massage oil. Chamomile is great for calming anxiety or a racing mind when thoughts are coming too fast and we need to take a deep breath and get perspective.

It's also good for sunburn and a few drops in a cool bath will help to calm any inflammation. 

Chamomile has been used medicinally for over 2000 years in herbal medicine and was one of the Saxons nine sacred herbs. I've just started to grow it in my garden and it seems to be doing well. I hope to use it as a tea once it flowers.

Chamomile mixes well with Lavender and Bergamot, Rose, Geranium, Marjoram, Sweet Orange and Neroli but also a little Spearmint adds to the cooling effect.

Try these blends for a better nights rest;

Sleep Diffuser Blend

3 Drops Roman Chamomile
2 Drops Bergamot
2 Drops Frankincense

Anxiety Soothing Blend

3 Drops Roman Chamomile
3 Drops Lavender
2 Drops Marjoram


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