Aromatherapy and Yoga; Blissfully in Balance.

March 18, 2019

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Aromatherapy and yoga are blissfully in balance. Imagine your yoga studio with the wonderful aroma of Bergamot, Patchouli or Vetiver drifting through the air. These heady aromas whisk the mind off to sparkling Mediterranean seas, exotic eastern spas or the warm, aromatic plateaus of Provence. The heavenly scents of essential oils not only smell wonderful but they also have a powerful impact on the mind, making them the perfect companion to yoga. 

Both aromatherapy and yoga seek to bring the body into a state of blissful balance, or homeostasis. Essential oils work in perfect synergy when blended together and can be diffused and inhaled to help you achieve calm, focus and release. 

If you’re cultivating a home practice, you can go ahead and use any of the methods suggested below. If you’re attending public classes, we’ve made some suggestions and modifications so you can incorporate essential oils without affecting your fellow yogis.

 Preparing for your yoga ritual

Regular practice of yoga is a brilliant way to dedicate some time to yourself and tune into your body. But if you’ve got a busy day ahead or you’re exhausted in the evening, it can be a challenge to get on the mat and be in the moment. By bringing aromatherapy to your practice, you’re creating a ritual that takes care of your mental state as well as your physical body.

Try keeping a bottle of Bergamot on your bedside table in preparation for a morning practice. Open the cap when you wake up and take three deep breaths. This bright, citrus scent can have an uplifting effect on the emotions and the refreshing, floral notes should help coax you from under the covers.

 Yoga and meditation oils

We recommend you choose essential oils with properties that can support some of yoga’s core principles – coordinating the breath with the movement, generating a flow of energy throughout the body and preparing for meditation.

Naturally Creative’sYoga and Meditation Pack contains Vetivert, known as ‘the oil of tranquillity’ because of its calming action on the nervous system. It’s deep, earthy fragrance can feel both comforting and stirring. On the mat, Vetivert helps to relieve feelings of stress and tension, bringing you toward a more centred place.

Patchouli is a beautiful companion to both Vetivert and Bergamot. Exotic and spicy, Patchouli is loved for its balancing and grounding effect, neither too sedative or too stimulating, Patchouli is known as a great clarifier for the mind. This makes it ideal if you plan to meditate after your practice, whatever time of the day.

Diffuser for inhalation

If you use a diffuser at home, this is an effective way to flood your environment with essential oil vapours. We recommend four to eight drops, depending on the size of the room and how intense you like the fragrance.

On the chest or pulse points

This approach is ideal for both home practice and public classes. Diluting your blend in a carrier oil and applying to the pulse points or massaging into the chest means your body will be benefiting from the aromas without overpowering others in the room. Add one to three drops of essential oil to 5ml of carrier oil, such asSweet Almond orGrapeseed.

Yoga mat spray

Freshen up your mat and benefit from the active essential oilsat the same time. Add five to ten drops of essential oil to 30ml of distilled water in a spray bottle, with a splash of Which Hazel if you have it. Spray directly onto the mat, wipe with a soft dry cloth.

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