Top 7 Essential Oils for Anxiety

April 15, 2019

Top 7 Essential Oils for Anxiety

Anxiety affects us all in different ways. Negative or upsetting thoughts racing through the mind can trigger physical symptoms such as breathlessness, increased heartbeat and sweating. Anxiety can be triggered by events like presentations, large crowds or journeys, or it can seem to happen for no reason. Having coping strategies for anxiety is a useful way to lessen the fear of a future attack, and help you feel more in control if it happens. 

 Some essential oils are especially useful for anxiety, because of their calming, balancing and sedative properties. Here are some of our favourites.



Neroli is known for its tranquillizing effect on the nervous system and can really help to soothe highly emotional states and chronic anxiety. Choose neroli to treat the panic and tension of shock, and bring comfort to sensations of wretchedness and fear brought about by exhaustion.


Reach for bergamot to achieve more uplifting on-the-go relief from anxiety. This bright and positive scent helps to press the refresh button, reducing frustration and tension without making you sleepy. It’s cooling action makes it helpful during menstruation and the menopause.

Ylang Ylang

This exotic oil is loved for its balancing effect on the hormones, often chosen for anxiety related to sexual tension, fertility and after birth. It encourages feelings of warmth and togetherness, so is useful to help soothe a fractured, frightened mind and encourage feelings of joy. 


Its balancing action on the nervous system makes lavender a good choice for easing manic feelings and calming heart palpitations. Its sedative quality helps with anxiety-related sleep disorders, and it can help ease tension headaches thanks to its anti-inflammatory response.


This deeply grounding essential oil is used to treat more chronic anxiety, rather than panic induced flare-ups. Use cedarwood regularly before sleep to soothe and calm the nervous system, and during meditation to bring peace and inspire journeys of self-discovery.


Frankincense is known to have a calming effect on the respiratory system and digestive tract, as well as the mind. This makes it a powerful choice to help symptoms of anxiety, like breathlessness and stomach ache as well as obsessional thoughts, especially linked to the past.


Vetivert is great as both an on-the-go treatment to ease nerves before an event, or to accompany healing meditation and helping you fall asleep. It’s often chosen for sensitive personality types, and for those who want to restore balance after challenging times.


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